Wednesday, November 14

soaked on monday

well, today, work is work as usual (playing computer games, blogging, friendsterizing, and a bit work here and there). had another new piece of work coming in (more like piece of $#!t, haha! joking lah!) i didn't know that there would also be people out there, hating sequin so much that they would actually send the material here so that i can take the sequin off. well i guessed wrong. there IS people who actually really really hate sequin.

got a call from the insurer (of Crest M.) asking for a claim list. uh, didn't we like did that together 2 days ago? i said positive positive positive that the claim list if already final.

on the other hand, who'd know this kind of thing would happen to the boutique. soaked with water, almost half of the boutique kena air, needless to say our inventory. what a luck. nasib this happened when my daddy's around. if when they're not here (another 6 days), i dunno la, habis rambut i tercabut berfikir.

i guarantee you that water (black in color, yang lain2 tu tambahan dari the makcik yang cleaning it up) consist of air tikus yang sudah mati!


well i didn't know that the bomba's water sprinkler boleh suddenly burst, and to my surprise the water was FILTHY it made my skin rash a bit. sure, mesti ada tikus mati in the sprinkler tank. pls pray that the insurer wouldn't be too hard on us. i mean, we are already in great loss. when both the insurer and us make the claim list they were more than willing to tolak every single item yang nampak tidak damage. 'lembap saje tak kire lew Cik' eh, org semenanjung? nampak muka macam kubis juga. tsk tsk...

i hope next time i know how to deal with this kind of things if daddy's not around to handle it. lessons in life.

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