Saturday, November 3

rainy rainy

the time crawls so slowwwwwwww today.
hungry, not hungry.
not feeling so well.

i felt a bit tense on my shoulder, and coincidently one of my customer today owns a reflexology just a level up from the boutique. she gave a warm invitation to her shop where she provides a whole body massage....mmmmm sounds hour full of massages from head to toe...just what i needed! plus it's only $50...perhaps i'd go tomorrow

1. have a hair treatment
2. shop a bit
3. see friends
4. have 2 mangkuk of mak mok's delicious bakso...yumm!! :)
5. stop by at key's wall-of-art, can't wait to see the project!

maybe i should squeeze in the body massage...after all mummy's going soon and it'd be us 3 working day and night, non stop till u drop.

i'm happy to see the sun for the first time after few days of rainy afternoon (morning, evening, night = whole day raining). that gives me hope that soon i can start to jog in the morning with daddy. feeling sluggish after too long of zero exercise. let's see this time whether my determination could actually last :) being 22 and healthy!

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