Tuesday, November 6

just a thought

i was browsing thru my friendster when i stopped by my junior's page. one of her friend (who is also my jr) happens to brag (sorry i can't help it but i think she is) about just how L-U-C-K-Y she was to get a job, a permanent one with pension and mind you her pension age would be 56 (why wud she state that, i pun tak paham! i mean that's pretty obvious).

what does that screams to me? >>> "i'm secure with a job serving the government, working for another pathetic 35 years literally kissing somebody's ass, kerja makan gaji with perhaps kenaikan gaji yang berlaku every 10 years"

i'm sorry i'm not here to offend :-
a. government servants. where would we be if they are slouching
b. people who decided to work until their pension age
c. ass kisser
d. ppl who makan gaji

perhaps i don't know any better. not that i'm proud of where i'm and decisions i took, but for her to B-R-A-G about it? puh-lease honey. wake up smell the coffee. there's nothing great about working for other ppl with a boss who have a heart a size of a pea.

and i'm also not here t offend
e. bosses

maybe, just maybe, I'm wrong and maybe somehow my theory seems fair only to my judgment but somehow i think those deserving stuck-ups did the same when i made my decision of staying where i am!

so, c'est la vie.

p/s: sorry but i'm just pissed that she bragged about it. my real problem was that exactly.

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