Monday, November 19

the ride

daddy : ayg, open the window

*me scrolling down the window*

me : what is this for again?

daddy : you see that guy in front of us tadi. aiyor, asal kereta dia teruk betul. ppl like them we label as tidak makan saman.

me : and opening the window for...?

daddy : ya la, u know the asap poisonous punya! we're letting the gas out la. once there was a guy who tried to kill himself by inserting the carbon monoxide back into the car. stupid way to die.

----deep silence----

me : daddy aren't we letting more carbon monoxide in with the window open?

daddy : eh, i'm trying to teach u something ah!

i'm so gonna miss daddy trying to teach me something and making few points clear and making up his 777-ways-for-a-girl-to-live for me. so sweet. i don't care if it makes sense in a second and doesn't on the other. all i know is that somebody is wanting me to live a better life. them leaving tonight :(

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