Saturday, November 10

the diary of a celebrated model

1. a model is always late; tho they refer to it as fashionably late. whatever it is called, it still means that the production somehow have to be postponed for an hour or two (that's if you're lucky). most of the time, they'd be late because of a hangover (from a party last night), stuck in traffic, hair appointment went on extended hours, not feeling well and so on. the below model, on the other hand is just too lazy to get up, he's still limpang-limpang when the shooting session is supposed to start.

i'm still resting!!

2. a model always refuses for a touch-up and makes the i'm-so-annoyed face expression. they believe that since they are the model, they know pretty much how to put their own make-up on. and being the diva (or divo) that they are, a photo count should always be based on them, not the photographer. if the photographer pandai-pandai do the counting, the below result is the consequence.

i said i'm not ready!!

still not ready!! can't u see??

3. a model always, always tease and play with the camera. giving bad poses intentionally. giving poses that cover certain part of their face. in this case, the left eye.

i'm told to work the nike brand so that's what i'm doing, that's why i'm tilting my head for a clear view of the brand.

4. when we instruct the model to do something, they'll always overdo it.

u want vain? i'll give you vain! u want sexiness, i'm pouting my lips!

5. but it's always worth the wait for some really perfect shot!!

cover shot for kids sport wear magazine 2007

perfect 10/10. gangsta style! breed to be vain and a perfectionist!

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