Monday, November 19

like i know right?

this past few days, it past in a quicker pace. have been day dreaming a lot (than usual). looking thru the window shop and tgk karamunsing starts decorating for Xmas. kadang2 looking outside tu i feel mcm i'm somewhere in kl pula. the decoration is extra nice this year. thumbs up for Crest M. (tho thumbs down for the pipe leakage in our shop ;[ )

i surfed the net for random things, and i was like thinking, perhaps i can check out some stuff that i want for my birthday. like i know right? like i'm so clever. since i had no time to window shop, with mom and dad going for Haj soon, why not just surf the net. than i found out that there is a great thing online called wishlist, and i think it's like the easiest thing to let ppl know what you want, like i know right? but it was a bit fussy registering and all.

that's hot!

and i know you're like extremely annoyed with the way i blog, like i know right?? hahaha actually i've been dloading the hills season 1 and have been watching it over and over again, not mentioning i saw it once on MTV. and their way of talking kinda seep through me haha...i just love them so much...they are so VIP styled...LIKE I KNOW RIGHT???

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