Wednesday, November 7

just a little lovin early in the mornin

everything seems to be more beautiful in the morning! and i mean early early in the morning.

such an awesome God creation.

woke up early in the morning as usual for a jog. i can't help but stop to admire the beautiful color of the bougainvillea. likas was full blown with colors from blooming flowers. it must be some kind of spring here during this time of the year. such a good view for a morning jog. i am happy that i'm keeping healthy and determine *wink*

morning gossips between feeding the fishes. that's so multi-tasking. i bet they are talking bout the neighbor next door who's sleeping with a certain someone or somebody's business going down.

and yes, I AM still jogging at that time. i know, i know. where did i get the time to take pictures of people and flowers. multi-tasking are made for girls :) but yeah, i was actually trippin' for a while.

that's not quite right

now that's better. this is no other than TRIPPIN'. i feel like i'm in L.A or something with those trees at the back

introducing the circle of hell. it's F&^%ing painful! i can't even imagine how somebody behind me can brisk walk on this thing. i can barely stand!

*counting and hoping*

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