Monday, January 28

breath taking

i'm just awed with God's creation. terasa diri ne kecil bila tgk something as beautiful as this. a picture i took when i was on my way back from kl.

Tuesday, January 22

my love life

last week when i was in KL for work, i fell in love and i brought her home with me. i'm glad my parents like her :) how can they not love her? she was sleek, take nice pictures and i bought her with my own money. wow, this is true love. canon, i love u babe!

my story 6 years ago

[this was a survey posted in friendster, u took it end of last year, and i just read ren's reply to this, and i find it funny to read what her thoughts were all about. this was my answer btw, i decided to post it here so someday i can read it back and blush by myself hehe]

Who sits next to you ?
::ali! ma bro!

Who 's infront of you?
::joanne! she use to poke my rabbit
and made my bunny make sit ups :')

Who's on your left?
::didn't u jast asked this? ali btw

Who 's on your right?
::i think it was zola, or dia di depan
lagi i think. but i remember she was on
my right. i don't remember much cuz dlm
peta memang i sit next to ali but
physically i was always at the back with

Who are your best friends within
::rena!! wani, zaney (the 4 bitches) kt,
ila, megan, inden, ram, ali, pretty much
the whole class (i was very likeable
haha! jk)

Who's the sporty girl in your
::sporty as in sport? my netball team
mates=inden, kt...sepa lagi ah??

Who's the sporty guy in your

Most shy?
::oh i know who...tapi lupa nama...ask
rena dia tau tu we spent countless days
mengutuk org

Cutest guy?
::jonahhh!! hahaha

MOST annoying?

::everybody was, but my partner in crime
for stupid jokes wud be ali. we were too
noisy smp the teacher moved everybody
about, but terlepas pandang us both. the
culprit pula nda kena kasi pindah
ne...but last last kena kasi me sama si
janice...and much later kena kasi pindah
sama rena [77th love boulevard]

Favorite subject?
::PHYSIC!! hahahaha not!!

Who's the class president? How is
::sherlene (i fear if i don't write her
name here we'd have another round of cat
fight in the toilet haha!)

Who's the vice president? How is
::syafiq 'heart-throb' hahahah (no no no
sherlene jgn marah, i main2 ja)

Your class is?

Do you love your class?
::love-hate...but mostly love la...full
of memories!

Friday, January 11

on new year's day...

yesterday was Maal Hijrah, meaning the day off for us! yippie! i woke up at around 12, mum can't tolerate anymore, jadi kena ketuk la pintu kuat-kuat (nothing new to that) then followed by 'mun ada kulintangan di umah ni batah sudah ku gandang kan siing talingu mu Yang sampai palak bigi mata mu!'. roughly that means, if there's kulintangan at home my mom would definitely wake me up using it!

after a quick brunch (untuk escape my mum's nagging), i went upstairs to deal with something that i should've dealt with a long time ago...

MY BURSTING WARDROBE!! nda heran la kalau narnia do exist in my closet!

so untuk mengatasi masalah yang tercetus oleh kemalasan yang amat besar, i decided to dump everything on my bed to be sorted out...

this took me hours and hours to do, and after that i have a bad sneeze! (i really need the 'lez cleaner' from l word huhu!).

after i finished everything, i rewarded myself (and my sis) for a drive to city mall. it's a holiday meant to be spent with family so i took her to try out Big Apple, something that she have been telling me for the past week. verdict? judge the picture!

i'm a certified junk food addict!! if only u can smell this fresh donuts!

Thursday, January 10

today, i tripped and i fall, no actual 'Jehan' is harmed, but a 3 inch wedges is a bit bruised and a bit of color is chipped, but definitely my face turned red.


i must be really that hungry when buying my apple pie. thus tripping and falling. actually separuh mata was on the sony alpha 100. sigh.

Monday, January 7

new year, soon!

busy busy busy. parents arrived yesterday, and 3 days before they arrived we spent the nights cleaning up the house so that it would be in tip top condition, spotless till the smallest corner. a day before they arrived, i baked a cake, which sadly i can't upload the picture in, because it was gone in matter of hours after we cut it into smaller portions.

new year, soon. another 3 days. and 3 days is the exact number of days that i need to do my puasa ganti. busy with arrangements (daddy), i found it very tiresome to fast. God bless me, help me to pull this off!

as usual, with parents back, power turned hands. everything that happened for the pass 40 days have to be report, accounts have to be double checked. did i mention i'm busy? this is really eating me up :S

by the way, a better news, i'm RM 1,988 away from my baby nikon d40x soon! everybody be happy for me! mana tau ada rezeki i can pitch in a couple more, myb i can get canon digital eos! pray hard!

some day u'd be mine, baby

anybody who have suggestion on what should i get feel free to mail me! thx!

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