Sunday, November 4

midnight's perhaps

the thinking starts midnight. the thinking start just a liiiiittle bit too annoying but still clinging to the last piece of nerve in the back of my mind.

perhaps it's time. to get back. to what Alice of L Word refers to as the good ol' boy-girl relationship. considering, considering, considering.

nah. i can do without boys, guys, man, wadeva, for the time being. i can't stand the typical guy = football, late on dates, insensitive, sloppy, easily gratified by tatas (eventually will lead to the next 'quality'), sex driven...and so on. the list may go on and on and on.

perhaps the way i judge men wud rub them the wrong way (i'm certain they will) since there is nothing nice that i said about them. but what can i say, most of them are as described. perhaps some will say i'm shallow. perhaps i'm. i don't mind because this is what i think. you, on the other hand may say whatever u please too.

and yes, it's true what my friend said, NO DOUBLE STANDARDS PLEASE. i want what i want, i don't have to please other ppl. period.

as for now, boy-girl relationship ranked in at the very bottom of my list, if not at all. i love guy friends, just not as partners. lagipun i play for the all girls team! haha! the whole different ball game, just like key's "friend" described ppl like us. WUDEVA BITCH!

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