Friday, November 16

mumbles (of nothingness) to myself

  • eat before tanda-tanda of gastric mula muncul. it's never fun to have gastric. plus the ulcer involved, the potential for more money spent on memulihkan diri dari gastrik.
  • i haven't seen much of the world. i mean the other, other part of the world. not just around the block down the hood.
  • ...thus save money for travelling
  • this weight, unnecessary weight is really unnecessary. i know that i need (read:need!) to lose all these burden
  • people tend to label the 'this-friend' and the 'that-friend' but i'm just happy to be one of the friend that they know they can fall on to (literally). it doesn't matter lah if not included here and there, but u know. (actually this untuk menyenangkan hati sendiri)
  • birthday coming soon. i hope no surprise party or anything (including lunch ka dinner ka...) cuz 1. i don't like to celebrate it, 2. i don't want group of friends fussing over me turning 22, 3. i just don't want to have one!
  • but i still wonder what would i get for my birthday hehehe
  • i think (i'm positive) somebody's gonna give me a 5-day shopping spree heee thx (i spoil the surprise myself)
  • uwaaaaaa mum n dad going soon :(
  • i really should be speeling sleeping now
  • this is such a waste of time. menyalah gunakan the so-called digital notepad. whaddevvvvvv~~~

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