Wednesday, April 30

syukur Alhamdullillah... akhirnya berkunjung jua bulan Mei yang batah (lama) sudah di tunggu...

friends getting married on May,
some are starting to be familiar with their work routine,
some are making decision to stay or leave,
some are still adjusting,
some are getting ready for exam,
some are trying to be close,yet some already drifted apart,

but for a simple person like me,
i'm just glad that the new month is coming...
because i'd be a few hundred richer than today (which will last for few days only!)

we always want what we can't's always subjected to money...

Tuesday, April 29

drinking habit

after few weeks of late night tossing and turning, forcing my eyes to be shut and sleep, i finally traced down why i can't sleep. i've been drinking a lot of coffee lately. habit maybe? i found out that everytime i'm tired at work, automatically i crave for more and more caffeine. and day by day i became more and more tired due to lack of sleep because the caffeine really did a good job in making sure my eyes is still fresh at 2.30 a.m.

so last night, though i wanted to have another cuppa coffee, i restrain myself, and decided to make a hot milo, added with a quarter teaspoon of coffee. really, not a heap of quarter teaspoon of coffee, just a tit bit at the end. i know i can't stop altogether, that's why i added a bit of coffee. jadi mocha la pula my drink last night.

and guess what, i was up till 3.00 a.m. that many hours spent awaken and staring at the ceiling made me think and think and think. eh, no wonder i'm still awake. cocoa pun ada jua caffeine. adehhhh...buang masa saja! bagus lagi minum ja nescafe tadi, sama jua pia nya! tekanan eh!

Thursday, April 24

she hates me

i'm fairly positive that the Sanitary Officer (how do i put this politely?she's the one who collect our garbage at a scheduled time which is 2.30pm and 7.30pm) HATES me!

i've been working in CPS this last 3 days, and she purposely & swiftly pass me by when she actually needs to stop in front of the shop and memanggil secara merdu 'SAMPAH?'. she only came one time on monday, and pass me by the 5 other time she was supposed to collect the garbage. and i remember vividly that she calls out 'SAMPAH?' and rolling her eyes at the same time.

eh? i tot in KK only me, ren and tini pandai roll eyes?

it could be just me, but my sampah yang menggunung thinks i'm right too. and this is the way it's done...all tenant's garbage CANNOT be thrown di dalam tong sampah kecil2 yang di sediakan shopping mall at every nook and corner. the sanitary officer should be the one picking it on the scheduled time.

besuk aku simpan ja la sampah tu depan kedai baru dia tau wahahahaha

Tuesday, April 22

Sandakan Lingo 101

a lot of my friends; when i first moved in to kk, noticed that i have different lingo and almost different accent altogether. it was hard for me to fit in immediately because a lot of things that i say, i have to explained to them. so out of love for the town i grew up in, SANDAKAN, this is the first part of my Sandakan Lingo 101.

  • Jo/Jon/George - kata ganti nama which is a gender bender, because everybody in sandakan, no matter male or female, is called a Jo/Jon/George. Jo is commonly use by the third generation (late 90s), Jon is also popular but rarely used, and George is usually used by the first generation (late 80s-90s). e.g of usage in a sentence -- 'Uinah, baju baru bah dia Jo!'
  • bahai - no, it's not Bahai the religion. Bahai is what the immigrant children sells outside of the pasar sandakan for 20cents. it's a PLASTIC BAG. and yes, only in sandakan can u find children selling bahai, for what, i'm also not sure..all i'm sure is that semua peniaga pun ada bagi bahai for every purchase.
  • sangga - it means 'tahan'. usually used in sentence which would carry the meaning 'tahan, jgn sampai jatuh'. e.g of usage in a sentence -- 'Jo, simpan tapau tu di bawah, sangga pakai kaki ah!' (see, when i say we use the word Jo a lot, i mean A LOT)
  • protan - is actually a sharperner, and in proper Malay it is calles PERAUT pensil. it's pronounce protan, as thick as u can possibly pronounce it.
  • gadibab - women's breast, usually used in a sentence to show just how big the breast is, in a negative, negative way (meaning mengutuk gadibab org yang kita nda suka)

maybe i should go for 5 at a time? it's hard to dig inside my brain for lingos at the moment. would post more as soon i clear the cobweb in my head. oh and for the record, Ramesh always tease me for using the word Jo because in KK they usually use the word Ging. it's very hard to shake that off from my tongue, i always go 'Uiiiinah jooooo!!' whenever suprised :)

Sunday, April 20


when i was younger, i enjoyed reading story books so much that i think i'm the 'weird' one in my family. i always have a book in my hand and i always bury my face in books any spare time that i have. none of my siblings portray the same quality like i did. most of my my time during the weekends are spent reading books at the library. nerdy, yes, i know.

the best thing about reading stories is we can imagine what the writer is trying to convey. i get to choose what the characters look like, how they move, how their voice sounded like, how the places they are at looks like, etc. i enjoy the most when i can feel what each character feels like. if they're happy and lying on grass, i too can feel the leap of joy and how the grass smells.


could be. mom always says that i'm the one who always engage everything with my own emotions. every movie that i watch, if it's a tear-jerker, i'd definitely cry as the movie plays. mom understood the most, and she always tell my brothers to stop teasing whenever i'm so into a movie. i guess i just have more imagination...

this song is attached with a lot of meaning; everytime i listen to it, i feel like i'm somewhere else...
when i hear this song...
i feel like i'm standing somewhere in kampong, from outside looking in on someone.
i feel like near the beach waiting.
i feel like i'm inside a house that i've never set my foot at all, yet in my heart i can imagine how it looks and feels like.
i feel like i'm part of something that i've longed yet fear, most of the time.
feels like, i'm waiting for the time to come...

i'm almost certain, yet sometimes so clueless.

Friday, April 18

No Torch In Tibet

i found this through a link of another photographer. everybody, u should check this out. it's an issue everybody's talking about. but i doubt any changes would be made on the relay route of the torch. freedom for other people, almost seems like a non-existence for them. as for us, we enjoy the freedom yet some are still afraid to say what they think. kalau mau minta tukar, cakap saja la jgn pura-pura.

as for me, i have much smaller decision to make.

new member joining Canon Family

canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS

satu lagi meriam buluh yang akan masuk my canon family! yahuu!! getting it on monday, hopefully semuanya ok saja...

after this, senang lah mau candid gambar org yang jauh nun di sana wahahaha (ketawa jahat)

lepas dpt ne kena lah test-drive lense ne di mini zoo lokawi n ambil gambar monkey2 and hyppo, gajah, zebra (tedalah mini tlampau nampak gayanya). 2-3 hari ne tidur pun nda lena la ne, mandi nda basah...tapi yang penting MAKAN TETAP KENYANG wahahahaha

Thursday, April 17

look what they brought home

it was so big, that mum have to 'use' other method untuk mensiang ikan ne. penyisik yang khas pun can't do the job, let alone a mere fork. mum used pisau daging untuk maksud mensiang. pisau daging?? i'm lost for words to describe a knife which is mightier than a kitchen knife yet not mighty enough to be called PARANG. yes, i need to polish on my Bahasa Melayu.

ya, ya. it could be that it's me yang jakun. nda pernah kah nampak ikan begini besar?? uhh, no. the last time i checked i'm a casual photographer, not an avid pengail, nda hari2 nampak ikan begini basar. for 10 minutes, i sat there with my mom, menayangkan kejakunan yang tahap maksima, macam kebaru-baruan. and in case ur wondering (if u open this picture in large), my 50mm didn't fail to be sharp, i was the one fail to be steady. bau ikan tu betul-betul menggangu otak dan otot-otot tangan. i'm clearly not a fan of fish :)

Friday, April 11

a pact i made

i was stuck in traffic, and a lot of things were flying in and out of my head. i was thinking...where in the world are my bestfriends from Poly are now. i know some are furthuring their studies, some are working...then it hit me...di mana kah Archie Nasarula? (sila baca dgn intonasi rancangan kanak-kanak 'Di Manaaaaa Joeeeeee Jambul'). i looked at the clock, 11-ish. he's not up yet. dapat kacau dia tdo lagiiii bagus!!

J : hoi pare, kumusta??

RC : sino pa??

J : hindi mo alam? brapa byk jua kawan mu org tagalog jo??

sure dia masih tidur! we talked for a while and he told me that he's @ Sandakan now. owwwh how i miss Sandakan so much! i really hope i can go after BAC finished their semester now... i really wanna go to places where i grew up...awww...pasti nya i'll go to Katong to re-visit my first of all firsts.

before i put down the phone, half-heartedly he asked, 'jo, ko ingat ka jo ko bilang kalau 40 sudah umur kita....?'

oh darn it! a pact that we made long ago, when we found we were compatible yet not so compatible. 'kawin kita kalau 40 kita belum kawin jo?? ingat jo ingat....p la ko cepat2 cari bini2 jo...palakas na kau uttu...manyasal kita kalau tkawin!!'

ahahahaha i know some of our other friends know about the pact, some even made a double pact with him...if 39 belum kawin kunun mau kawin sama Archie... APA KAMU PIKIR DIA IKAN MASIN KAMU MO BUAT SUKA2? hahahah it's all good...he's the only male in our class then...i guess we just love to play around with him... this post of endless blabbing is for u RC, we all miss u dearly...balik la kk jo!

and thx jo, we've been thru thick and thin. literally. thick then thin then thick again. makin gumuk kita uda jo!

i'd delete this post if i find it too embarrassing later on! heee


My aunt ucu drove all the way from Sipitang with Mama and Bapa to kk. i'm so thankful that she got Tuesday off so she can bring Mama and Bapa.

in the afternoon, mom brought Bapa (along with Mama) to see Dr. Bachi. i was anxious to know what did the doctors said. i rushed back home after work, to find him taking a nap on sofa. i asked mum and the reports haven't came in from the Dr. few minutes later i heard him guessing 'ayang kah tu? mulih sudah ia?' how can a grandpa not be precise when it comes to granddaughter? he sat next to me, and asked Mama to bring him some dinner. 'ada jua luih mu antaie di kadai? inda jua ampuk sehaie ani?' (did u have any sales today?). caring as always, i'm glad that i'm seeing more of him lately. we talked, and i asked him about his ulcer. he said on Wednesday he'd go to the Dr. 'untuk begambaa' << means to take x-ray look of his stomach. later that night Amir came and i sat there watching him play with Bapa. i remember that. sama saja cara nya mbawa bemain, dari kami kecil sampai lah my bro ada anak pun, it's still the same. for a while there cemburu jua, cuba lah aku pun dapat damit bebalik. i believe (or i wanted to believe) that i've always been Bapa's favorite. i was his first granddaughter. surely i'm his favorite. somehow it must be.

after two days staying at home, they went back, my mom sent both of them to Sipitang since my dad is already waiting there. i hope everything would be okay with his ulcer in his stomach. i heard the infection is already in his lungs. but i just refuse to take that into account. did i tell u that i believe what i want to believe?

well, he's fine, really. he'd be okay after taking medicine. he's a man of science with a strong fighting spirit..that's my grandfather!

i wish i possess more. i wish i have more so i can give them more too. i'm dying to buy him a new television, one that doesn't suddenly turns the volume up by itself. but i dare not say it before i have enough, i don't want to keep him waiting. he said both him and Mama aren't really bothered by the tele's problem, he said he liked it that way, a constant reminder for my cousin acha (who's 5 or 6) not to mess with the tele or it'll 'shout' like that. if he said he wants it that way, nobody dare to say otherwise.

if only i have more time...i'd make it up for all time lost...for every moment that i was 'lost'. if only

Monday, April 7

day two

day two was a disaster!!

  1. i over slept (slightly, really). but in any competition even a couple of minutes could mean a walkover for our competitor. kelam kabut me and tini sampai, sudah lah memang lambat dari rumah, terlepas lagi simpang p ums...when we arrived everybody was already in their bips (somehow that word is not in the dictionary, why?myb i misspelled it...but bips are jersey-like which indicates what position the player is playing). tini cepat2 pakai kasut and i was still ayung (paning) and masi lagi sibuk menanya 'coach, kita ka main ne coach? kita ka ne? palapes ka ne coach? coach, ari ne ada sandwich tuna ka lapar ne'. dengan gertakan yang memberi 'semangat' dr Cik Suzie i was in the court as soon as i get my shoes on without doing any stretching.
  2. ....and approximately 7 minutes and 2 center-passes after that i was on the floor, jatuh tersungkur. all i heard was a loud thump of my ankle and followed by my head on the cement...thought i felt dizzy, clearly i hear 'nah sapa suruh lambat dtg kan coach bilang awal, tgk tu jatuh sudah sb xda warm-up'. did i tell u that my coach is very encouraging?. i felt even more ayung then before.
  3. no doubt we lose that game. on the second half tini pun tersungkur sebab cuba merebut bola. we were the laughing stock of the game. all we hear after the game was padan muka! teda warm up!
  4. after a bad luck with the game, yang lebih teruk tiba. my car habis hancur bumper and flat number pun patah. LARAK bak kata org. kesilapan dan kecuaian sendiri. makanya melayang juga duit sendiri. uh pls, i don't even wanna talk about it!
  5. now, i'm officially Dayang Senandung -- that's what my mum call me. hitam merah berpanas 2 hari. 'u looked funny, mcm Dayang Senandung. ur nose, upper lips and forehead habis merah macam lobster.' thanks mum, u r very encouraging too.
well today i'm recovering from all the bumps and bruises that i got yesterday. after a game with UiTM confirm penuh dgn bumps and bruises. it's just the way we play it. nice with smiles on our faces because they are now literally our friends after 5 years of competing with each other -- yet aggressively shoving each other every time the referee turns away and can't see. it doesn't matter if we lose this game, there's always a next time. it just so happen that when they win this game, we'll win the next. tunggu la nanti open putri UMNO... panjang umur, i'd be Dayang Senandung again....hheeeee

Saturday, April 5

day one

day one of UMS Netball Tournament (Open). the summary


never in my history, that i feel berlari 5 round padang rugby would be this painful. macam preview of hell pula tadi i feel. masuk second half of the first game (Politeknik vs. Sabah State Library) i suddenly feel mcm kebas2 di tangan. macam mau kena mild-stroke pula. cun lagi jam 9 pagi punya game. poooonya panas!!

and yes yes, i knw. i graduated from Poly donkey years ago, but since it's open tournament makanya kami di bawah sayap Poly. i told u right, over and over again... Poly always in my heart no matter what.

tomorrow 0800 hours kami lawan PELAPES (ngam ka ejaan tu?) . siapppp kalau dorang buat bunyi hentak kawad dlm padang netball memang i tendang terus tu wahaaaaha! then lawan UiTM...sdh 5 tahun i play under poly mst lawan uitm...and dorang punya line-up first 7 pun mcm kami jua nda pandai tukar2...nda tau la bila dorang mau abis belajar di uitm tu...(eh?aku?) ketara la import sampai mati heeee (nasib bukan reserve sampai mati...)

if i feel macam nda brapa sayang tu my canon eos tu, confirm me bawa bisuk. tapi since i'd be playing ndada la sempat mau ambil gambar...tau2 kena ngap oleh org! ouh palis paaaalisss...

wish me luck! BAC la jua defend paling cun...weeehee...angkat badan yang seratus kilo and masuk bakul hehe

Wednesday, April 2

the bday girl


this is especially for u..!
love u so much babe
because throughout the time you have proven youself
to be consistent
-consistently annoying
-consistently a crazy havoc
-consistently loyal
and most of all you are consistently yourself & sincere

...happy bday babe, love u, love BAC...



just so u know, nowadays anything that we did, no matter how wrong we were (and no matter how CAUGHT we were), everything can be retracted with this mighty words :-

"manada sa buat. teda. sa teda cakap".

it's like that. life's like that. relationships are like that. politics are like that. it's science. really.

Tuesday, April 1

april fool

it's been aeons and aeons since i last got an 'april fool' suprise. perhaps because of the age factor? i use to remember when we were small kids we would put a box full of talc powder on top of a half-closed door...dgn harapan the targeted peer would kena and bermandikan bedak..that was so primary last April Fool was maybe in 1997, some 11 years ago.

so it's official, after tua & bangka ini, ada juga yang berminat mau main April Fool with me ya. the first hit was even before 1st April, Reny -- tersilap tarikh lagi. so i got an advanced April Fool, and more like she's the one yang kena April Fool sendiri. and the second one was nearly expired...lewat malam Noniey called crying like crazy saying that she's coming over cause she's having problems. punya la terkejut, i believed her sampai i'm ready to go wherever she is in the middle of the night...tau2 she's just playing with me! cis!

i got another one, yang terkena because kesilapan sendiri (ha Reny u know this one!!). nda pa la let me keep that to myself to save me from further embarrassment. aku sedar dan berasa malu (ala2 lagu mawi gitue wahahahaha).

oh April Fool, sungguh kafir sambutan ini...nampaknya tahun ne terjerat jua ya...tsk tsk... BAC,breakers of all the rules i set.

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