Monday, November 26

berpinar-pinar bigi mata

am i there yet? <-- my most frequent question swimming inside my head. not that i'm going anywhere and waiting to get to the point of destination. it's just how i felt. not only my head that feels like swimming. my vision. my feeling. terutama bigi mata (eyeballs).

hard for me to get up from bed, let alone do the morning exercise! i woke up at 9, figured that i had no time for exercise no more. i sat on my bed, cari my towel and went to my moms room...and took another dive on the bed. i sleep in for another few minutes before taking my shower.

it's only 5 and blaing sudah mata ku. i'm so messed up, feel like going home a.s.a.p cuz i have this question i keep asking myself sudah kah ku tutup iron tu tadi ah?

abis lah if i didn't switch it off.

this is such a bad day. i think i forgot to switch off the iron. i was late for work (thus at that moment of kelambatan all bad thoughts dtg menyinggah di otak, like about the iron). i was tired and my head keep on spelling the word lethargic, i don't know why. i forgot to bring my wallet and didang called asking me to buy kaki ayam for dinner.

at this point, dinner is such a vague destination. IT'S ONLY 5!!~

my question is, why do everytime kita mo bergegas we'll remember everything that we should be doing and whether we already did it or not, e.g switching off iron & tambak api, locking our house, tutup pam air and so much more. it's like my parents pny nasihat abt do's and don'ts flashing in front of me on my 15 minute ride from home to work. i'm careless. that's a fact.

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