Thursday, April 17

look what they brought home

it was so big, that mum have to 'use' other method untuk mensiang ikan ne. penyisik yang khas pun can't do the job, let alone a mere fork. mum used pisau daging untuk maksud mensiang. pisau daging?? i'm lost for words to describe a knife which is mightier than a kitchen knife yet not mighty enough to be called PARANG. yes, i need to polish on my Bahasa Melayu.

ya, ya. it could be that it's me yang jakun. nda pernah kah nampak ikan begini besar?? uhh, no. the last time i checked i'm a casual photographer, not an avid pengail, nda hari2 nampak ikan begini basar. for 10 minutes, i sat there with my mom, menayangkan kejakunan yang tahap maksima, macam kebaru-baruan. and in case ur wondering (if u open this picture in large), my 50mm didn't fail to be sharp, i was the one fail to be steady. bau ikan tu betul-betul menggangu otak dan otot-otot tangan. i'm clearly not a fan of fish :)

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aMeSz said...

uinahh~ u can even make the scales of that fish untuk manik2 baju ni bah!

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