Sunday, September 16


the past few weeks had been mind-blowing with exhilaration. with Ramadhan already a few days in (alhamdullillah dpt juga menjalankan ibadah puasa sekali lagi tahun ini), things have been really busy with customers coming in and out buying new clothes for hari raya preparation. at times i feel the pressure, but at some other point, i'm happy that this year i'm helping with my family's business.

[amir's birthday]
it was on 12th September. i would put his birthday picture, but i wasn't invited to the party. haha! he had a small party, attended by himself, his mummy and his daddy. 'you din invite his playmates from next door??' my mom asked. few days after his birthday, they came for a visit to our house.

...this was a candid picture of my officially 2-years young nephew. but he insisted on having a picture perfect...he's happy to see that his picture is perfect with that grin hehe.

i asked him 'amir skrg sudah 2 tahun, apa yang amir buat lebih dari waktu amir 1 tahun?' as if understanding what my every single word meant, he said 'makan'. haha!getting bigger meaning eating more?

this is a picture of amir eating bubur durian. actually i meant to take his pic alone, but my brother along insisted that he's also in the picture. i was clever to pick a pic that he's not looking into the camera.

this week, i met another long lost friend, my sayang evelyn. it has been 7 years since we last saw each other. she repeatedly said to me, 'it's like we are fated to be together right? we have been in touch and out of reach for the past 7 years, losing each others phone number'. i was glad i met her. i'm glad i have a friend like evelyn.

having a family already, i asked evelyn twice, 'are you happy with where you're at?' not that i'm being judgmental, but naturally i just wanted to know how is it coping with a husband and an adorable 4 year old. she said that she's more than happy, and she was glad that she married at a young age. 'how can i not be happy?i have everything'. if rena heard this, both of us would be killing ourself inside (specially ren hehe). being married and all. she's awesome.

as we were enjoying our lunch (we were having it at usagi) she said that my laughter is still the same. the same rhythm of laughter. we flashback on how we became friends at first, how she switched her tuition session to match mine too. and we laughed out loud when we remember when we wrote a really hot and sexy and raunchy letter to the nerd of the class. she gave the wordings, i wrote it with my left hand. i wrote it with my left hand because i have a funny felling that the nerd (and very2 naive) would give the letter to our tuition teacher. kalau tulis with my right hand mati lah! memang dia dpt cam. but wat were we thinking?? 'when we were young ah, we were like daring betul, din think even an inch longer!' that was what eve said.

i really miss her so much.

[3rd ramadhan]
we bersungkai di tempat mak mok. she's going back to jawa barat on the 18th. we were all there, me, tini, dk, ayang and even her cousin. mak mok was utterly happy to see us, her 'anak-anak' here in the land where she strive for a living for her daughters in jawa barat. we hugged her so tightly, and i asked her will she be back...she said for sure she wud...'kalau nggak balik ngkos ndidik budak2 ya nggak ada,lagi susah mau hidup,lagi susah mo makan pakai'

some people take money for granted. but not mak mok. we paid for our sumptuous meal which only cost 25ringgit. she held the money in her hand and said that 'ini aja udah cukup anak-anak mak mok makan 5 hari!!' she joked i know, but i hugged her even tighter. i know she must miss her babies so much. it has been 1year and a half, and after 2months and a half, it would be another 1 or 2 years. i shud be granted to have a mother to go home to.

i always look up to her.

happy ramadhan to all.

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Ren said...

hahahahaha! u always have funny thoughts abt me but then its ren afterall right; funny=ren n jiey.

i think with all the loneliness and emptiness i'm dealing now, god must have stored chaos for me in the future ( k i d s ) HAhaHaHaaaaa!
How abt that?

i love u so much hotness.TC.
its 2.10am. what did i say, bored.

[JiEy] said...

i think God planned it all right...nda kan graf kita mendatar jah kan geng...i guess u r right...we'd have cHaOs!!~ stored up ahead for us!!

and as for now...

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