Thursday, September 27

day off

woke up a bit late today. i searched thru my bed (really messy bed) to search for my cell so i can check what tym it is. i can't even bother to search any longer. all i know is that i'm late.

after a fast 7 minutes shower, i got dressed for work when mummy shouted from downstairs 'You're taking the day off today. stay at home with your sister!!' ahh...the joy of working for family is that your boss have the compassion for you when they know you stayed up all night working on a customer's order.

i didn't do much. laze around the house. tried to sleep but i can't. dad called reminding me to clean up my room >> 'that's what your day off is for, manis'. he also told me that ambank called and i got the job i applied a month ago.

disappointing, i know, for me to tell you all that i decided to turn down the offer. i called rena before calling ambank to tell them that i decided to stay with the family business. that's what d.i.p.l.o.m.a b.u.s.i.n.e.s.s s.t.u.d.i.e.s is for >>> business. i decided to stay, for the sake of family, for the sake of my own interest in opening a business of my own one day and for the sake of money (haha!) i earn more now than i will earn working at ambank. cocky, maybe. but that's reality baby. i gather up my courage, called ambank and do what i gotta do. 10-minutes later, they call my dad back (he was a family-friend) and asked that perhaps i can think it over before giving a final say.

i already made up my mind.

got a call earlier on from babe telling me that she's going to tg aru to meet with dk. 'her house got burned down', she said casually, and i didn't really take it seriously, as i was still a bit 'bintang2' (pening2). then when i went online baru lah i tau betul2 pula ada rumah terbakar di tg. aru!! i called dk right up and she was bummed that the incident happened, but thank the Lord that her house was saved! i called up again at night just to check whether everything is okay, and asked if any damage was done...myb terbakar ckit or anything...'we were lucky that the house in front of us sj yang kena api, we were saved by the fire fighters...and there were no damaged done by the fire...just by the bomba lah yang menyembur air p rumah kami. habis basah!'

whatever it is, i still thank Lord that everything is ok. i have faith in God that my loved ones would be taken care of.

i hope all 300 ppl made homeless because of the fire would be ok. what an Eid they would be having this year. my prayers are for them.

we all should be thankful.

i cleaned up my room petang2 skit.....and at last i found the air-conditioner's remote buried under piles (& piles) of cloths..i had a bad sneeze after...berhabuk!!

i need the les cleaner from l-word :(

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