Tuesday, September 25

Ramadhan, 13th.

it's the 13th day of Ramadhan. nothing evolve much (except for my list of customers waiting for their beaded kurong to finished by me) -- and i mean literally, cuz i have been eating the same thing 13 days straight for my sungkai.

>> the typical tea...my favourite...!!this is what the table looks like few minutes before sungkai. still quite crowded with my measuring tape n beads. i'm currently working on a crepe silk which is SUPER DUPER fragile and easily berlubang...even dgn menyucuk jarum and benang pun sudah bercerai...apa lagi dgn kehadiran manik...it seems impossible, but the customer insisted that it is possible. then ma'am, i have to say that the price also would be equally possible :)

>> oh did i tell u i like tea? hehe. my second round. mum thinks it's ridiculous to have all 4 tea bags at one time. two of the first round, and two fresh one. 'i haven't feel the kick of the first one mum, this might do it with all four inside!!' wahuahua...i think mum sometimes view me as a very strange daughter. i know she does.

>>nyum2...13 days going to 30!! huhuhu

why my weight is still the same is still mind-boggling. i eat 2 meals a day during ramadhan and that's that. weight:same, if not more.

hoping. and hoping. and hoping.

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