Monday, October 29


sundah morning, and it's pouring. hmmm...what a day to take the week off. if it's raining, means heavier traffic; means more time taken to get from one point to another. hmmm...what a day to take the week off.
brought along my sister (the picture-taking-obsessed sister) so that we can catch a movie. later on we watched 30 days of night. amazingly, i scream louder (loudest in cinema) than my sister.

i told you she was obsessed in taking pictures. so do i.
had lunch at secret recipe. we just haveeee to check out what's the fuss is all about with the cakes there. the choc cheese cake was delicious! and so was the spag. meatball...yum yum...

went out with babe too...kusyukkkk tgk badminton while me n my sis having our diner at likas' Bilal cafe. today was fun...apart from the pouring rain, all was good. 29-oct wud be ren's befday. soon it will be mine too. such a one way street.

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