Saturday, October 6

6 days before Eid

things are getting very hectic. i have been very busy, sleep at 2 a.m every night (morning,i may say), wake up around 4 for Sehri, and wake up again at 9 to go to work.

everybody seems to be taking the toll of working hard and sleeping late. angah with an ulcer, mum with sore legs, and me with a cold that never seems to get better. grandpa told us that they are having water-shortage (when will they not) during Eid, which means we would be spending perhaps a day or two in kampong before going to Borneo Golf and Country Club for a break :) :) :) hurmmm...i need that for now...

just in case you're wondering, nobody's playing Golf this round. we are going there to have a good good good sleep.

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