Friday, October 19


hari raya means...

new shoes :) new kurongs :)

FOODS!! air tangan ibu n nenek the best! :) mum as usual, everytime i lift my camera up, she'd act as if it was candid...the whole idea of candid is no acting mum *sigh* hehehe.. daddy and uncle adnan as usual melayan makanan after their Eid ul-Fitr prayer. Kelupis, my favourite! and being a Kedayan, i'm proud to say that i know how to make kelupis hehe

best pic i've taken of my nephew Amir and my fav. cuzzie Acha..she looks so confuse as to why amir wanted to grab the camera instead of posing 'pretty pretty princess'.calmly she put her hand on his shoulder and told him to look into the camera. as for the second picture (which is perfect) acha was happy to see herself as a 'pretty pretty princess'.

FAMILY!! my mum mendukung my cuzzie and amir with his 'jealous-sensor' switched on, trus berlari-lari anak minta my mum dukung jua...kiddies :) hehe siok jua tgk that scene.

btw, all in all, during hari raya on average i consumed :-
>>1 kg of beef
>>whole chicken
>>3 cups of salt
>>4 cups of sugar (in soda form)
>>quarter kilo of langsat
>>5 biji durian
>>and NIL fibre

selamat Eid ul-Fitr to all..maaf z&b

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