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that flashing number seems to be familiar, but i still can't remember who. as i give my first hello, i hear clearly two laughter so warm and so familiar. i'm happy to get that call. 'MINAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' shouts the other end. i knew who it was. and who is sitting next to her (just by the way she breathes the air hehe). the usual suspects : Miss Suz and Miss J. still can't get use calling them other than that,though i finished having their class years ago. they say addressing them with 'Miss' made them sound older, which i like, cause eventually that means i sound younger (haha keep trying Jiey!). we quickly make arrangement for lunch.

unfortunately lunch was lunch only for them, cause they decided to eat nasi ayam singapore, of which i have doubts. even with rice so fragrant and tempting their hungry stomachs,they still share with me (with full passion lagi!) about their experience in Medan. with 3 of our laughters combined, all eyes were on us. talking, eating, poking, dramtic actions >>> all at once. thank God for the gift of multi-taking for females :)

their stay in Medan sounds so much fun. "eh eh btw jiey you wanna come with us to Tenom with the *'English Society' ah?". ok, not much of a Medan escapade, but small baby steps for me will do.

from nasi ayam singapore to changing tables at the food court, we exchange lotsa stories, from the biggest to the smallest, even about a certain somebody who's gay hanging in a certain gay bar in kk. with a reunion that havoc, u must think that we will part with hugs and kisses. ironically, we went on the same elevator, took different directions and have a casual bye.

at night after work i went straight to babe's house. dad, as usual, in his own world of 777-things-do's-&-don'ts-for-girls-driving-alone, started on his random number. 'If anybody stops you in the middle of the road, don't stop! if you have to run him over, just do it!'. i know he cares for me, but silently me n my mom exchange glance and we tried not to laugh. 'Daddy, i'm going to the taman next to our taman. the road is busy. if there is a man stopping my car, i bet there would be a lot of other car before me who already run him over!' (in my heart i continue that with 'if they also have Dad like you').

babe's house was full of smokes, and i know it's not anything local. i can smell most of it have flavors. i wasn't wrong, there were vanilla, cherry and chocolate. while enjoying it, me-babe-nana discussed what flavor will the tobacco company bring next. i go with realistic ones such as mocha, berry, and maybe even grape (some other fruity flavors such as green apple, lime, orange and so on already made by a company named DJ MIX), but nana getting carried away with the fruity flavor berangan-angan to see some local fruits flavor in cigarettes. 'manggis, mengkudu, belunu, durian, ya ya! that's it! maybe malboro buat durian flavor next time?guys?guys?' and we were already half way leaving her smoking alone.

i hugged babe one last time and went home with lotsa things that she bought for me from Labuan. i say please pray for me driving alone as it was already late.

suddenly i feel like i'll see the white ghost flying outside my window like in the scary movie 'JANGAN PANDANG BELAKANG' or any typical scary movie. in this case, i pray in my heart, because i know, this is one thing that i can't run over with the car.

today is filled with joy seeing people that i haven't seen for quite sometime. my advice : be a good friend and ring your besties. keep that friendship alive!

**English Society= a club that they made in PKK for "healthy activities". but i know it's for their own fun hehehe with all the road trips and everything. Genius i tell you! GENIUS!

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