Friday, January 11

on new year's day...

yesterday was Maal Hijrah, meaning the day off for us! yippie! i woke up at around 12, mum can't tolerate anymore, jadi kena ketuk la pintu kuat-kuat (nothing new to that) then followed by 'mun ada kulintangan di umah ni batah sudah ku gandang kan siing talingu mu Yang sampai palak bigi mata mu!'. roughly that means, if there's kulintangan at home my mom would definitely wake me up using it!

after a quick brunch (untuk escape my mum's nagging), i went upstairs to deal with something that i should've dealt with a long time ago...

MY BURSTING WARDROBE!! nda heran la kalau narnia do exist in my closet!

so untuk mengatasi masalah yang tercetus oleh kemalasan yang amat besar, i decided to dump everything on my bed to be sorted out...

this took me hours and hours to do, and after that i have a bad sneeze! (i really need the 'lez cleaner' from l word huhu!).

after i finished everything, i rewarded myself (and my sis) for a drive to city mall. it's a holiday meant to be spent with family so i took her to try out Big Apple, something that she have been telling me for the past week. verdict? judge the picture!

i'm a certified junk food addict!! if only u can smell this fresh donuts!

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