Monday, January 7

new year, soon!

busy busy busy. parents arrived yesterday, and 3 days before they arrived we spent the nights cleaning up the house so that it would be in tip top condition, spotless till the smallest corner. a day before they arrived, i baked a cake, which sadly i can't upload the picture in, because it was gone in matter of hours after we cut it into smaller portions.

new year, soon. another 3 days. and 3 days is the exact number of days that i need to do my puasa ganti. busy with arrangements (daddy), i found it very tiresome to fast. God bless me, help me to pull this off!

as usual, with parents back, power turned hands. everything that happened for the pass 40 days have to be report, accounts have to be double checked. did i mention i'm busy? this is really eating me up :S

by the way, a better news, i'm RM 1,988 away from my baby nikon d40x soon! everybody be happy for me! mana tau ada rezeki i can pitch in a couple more, myb i can get canon digital eos! pray hard!

some day u'd be mine, baby

anybody who have suggestion on what should i get feel free to mail me! thx!

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