Sunday, December 16

yesterday's traffic

yesterday, while cruising...
i was clearly trippin' (hehe)

my task yesterday was to drop off inventory at Karamunsing's branch and then go to CPS to assist my bro in coding the sale item. the time taken to go from Karamunsing to CPS= 45 minutes!
by that time i was really hungry and i didn't think twice and makan di dalam kereta. hoho. sotong and driving? fatal combination. hehe. then there's a taxi behind me dgn selamba nya potong masuk in front of me dgn tajam nya, so i have no choice but to let him be (with a honk dari awal dia mo masuk sampai la i can't see him). i think, i'm positive, dia tu sebenarnya dangki (jealous) to see me eating inside my car.
the said taxi! this was taken in front of waterfront, the traffic jam was terrible! teda yang tgk lampu, semua main langgar saja. i? follow hehe. from warisan to cps parking took me 20 minutes. i can feel my fuel hilang begitu sahaja. and everybody yang terkena jam kemarin memang semua kenduri di Shell afterwards.

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