Thursday, June 7

daily annoyance

Today seems to be the same like the ones before. But that sound, that drilling sound, is already picking on my last nerve.

This is the problem with where my shop is. The shopping complex is too eager to 'provide' everything to be 'brand new'. Good konoq for us, si pekedai. Their idea of brand new wud be changing the tiles on every floor, on every possible inch. My shop only happen to have one entrance. Sadly enough, when the front path of my shop is under construction, the shop had to be closed for 2 days.

Jadi bagus konoq that for us?

Seriously i can't see the difference. Shiny konoq yang baru. Leh.

Dad (big boss) came in a bit after 2, complaining lah this n that. 'Why lah u take that borang from JTK?'

...bah excuse me lah i din know

The question the person from Jabatan Tenaga Kerja was simply 'u work with salary' so i pun simply lah menjawab 'yes'. She gave me a form (more like a book punya tebal!) for me to fill in (read:the Dad's job)

somebody's waiting behind so i have to pass this...last tym i check this laptop was mine..but nda pa la give her the chance.

much love,

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